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Communication training to local authorities

As part of the programme KARST: Khammouan-Ardèche Territorial Strategy, one of the components of Khammouan Ecotourism project funded by the French Development Agency, Tétraktys and SMERGC are supporting tourism local authorities of Khammouan Province.

The objective of this component is to work closely with local authorities in order to ensure the sustainable management of their territory. It aims at preserving the natural karstic landscapes of the northern Phou Hin Poun area by fostering experience exchanges between two very similar territories and strengthening tourism local authorities’ skills.

In an uncertain context for tourism sector, communication appears to be a major tool to maintain a satisfying level of tourists’ demand and to quickly inform visitors of the offer, by adapting it to the market. Being present on the social networks is the key to ensure a wide visibility for the potential domestic market. Besides, as a low-density destination and with many nature-based opportunities of tourism, Khammouan Province and the Phou Hin Poun protected area in particular, could benefit from this new trend in the global demand.

This training should increase local authorities’ awareness and knowledges and make them fully ready for the post-COVID 19 context.


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