Who We Are

About the iNGO Network

Initiated by the INGO community, the Network was established in January 2005 with initial support from the World Bank. Since then, the Network has been providing services to International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) working in Lao PDR.

The Network presently (2018) has 75 full members and 6 associate members. It is mainly funded by membership fees.
The Network is a focal point for INGO information dissemination in the Lao PDR and exists to facilitate and enhance the work of its members. The primary focus is to facilitate liaison and information sharing among INGOs and other development partners as well as the Government of Laos. Through its services, the Network supports its members to optimize their contribution to development in the Lao PDR by enhancing collaboration that can achieve greater impact then when members act individually. The Network also represents its members in appropriate forums, promotes policy dialogue and supports the civil society in Laos.