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REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST – Consultant to update the National Profile of Asbestos in Laos

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA was established in 1984 by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and is the Australian union movement’s global justice organisation. Our purpose is for Australian unions to work globally in partnership for the achievement of dignity at work, social justice, economic equality and the realisation of human rights. We work to achieve this through strong unions and social movements, sustainable development programs, global solidarity and support in times of crisis. We work through local partner organisations and unions in South East Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and southern Africa.

APHEDA has supported humanitarian projects in Laos since 2000 and started working on asbestos issue since 2011. The objective of the project is to reduce the occurrence of asbestos-related diseases (ARDs) in Lao PDR by eliminating the use of asbestos products. The project strategy has been to partner with the Lao government, especially with the Lao Federation of Trade Union (LFTU) to build their capacity to increase awareness of asbestos and for the elimination of asbestos related diseases in Lao PDR; Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) to develop regulations, a National Profile of Asbestos in Laos (NPAL); and Ministry of Health to develop a National Action Program on the Elimination of Asbestos-Related Diseases (NAPEARDs) for Lao PDR, using the models developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) such an approach that include: developing national profiles, awareness rais­ing, capacity building, an institutional framework and a national plan of action for the elimination of asbestos-related diseases.

Now APHEDA Lao is seeking a consultant to undertake research, working closely with APHEDA and partners in updating NPAL report and coordinating with partners. This will be in two phases.

Phase I: (August 31 2023)

  1. Review existing NPAL and relevant other country NAPs to identified the sections of the report that need to be updated and
  2. Developed plan and process to update the NPAL.
  3. Collect relevant data for relevant chapters from key organisations and Ministries or online as available in collaboration with APHEDA and LFTU.
  4. Develop zero draft updated NPAL Laos 2023 showing both new data and areas needed for further data collection

 Phase II: (March 31 2024)

  1. Facilitated a workshop to present the zero draft NPAL 2023 and remaining data collection plan .
  2. Support follow up of concerned Ministries and organisations in close collaboration with APHEDA and LFTU to  fill information and data gaps from zero draft .
  3. Compile data into a final draft of Laos NPAL 2023
  4. Facilitate 2nd workshop to launch the 2nd


Phase I:           20 days (Jul.-Aug. 2023)

Phase II:          10 days (Sep.-March 2024)

Selection criteria

The international/national consultant should meet the following selection criteria:

  • Strong research/study skills experience
  • Demonstrated experience with a range of research/study methodologies
  • Experience with either Trade Union Development, and/or Occupational Health and Safety
  • Understanding and committed to gender and disability rights, child rights and child protection
  • Ability to synthesis and communicate complex development project lessons, in English and in writing.
  • The consultant must live in Laos and be willing to travel to as required.


  • Letter of interested and Curriculum Vitae
  • A work plan that include (no more than 3 pages):
    • Proposed methodology and scope of work.
    • Planning/timetable
    • Budget (clearly indicating number of days and other relevant expenditure)

Deadline for application submission is Friday, 21 July 2023 to LaosOffice@APHEDA.ORG.AU


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