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iNGO Project

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Ground Enforcement and Patrolling in Bolikhamxay Province

Last updated:2014-05-13 08:43:19

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Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jun 1st 2013 Jul 31st 2015 May 13th 2014 May 13th 2014 0

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Scott Stanley
021 215400
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Bolikhamxay Province - Bolikhanh - Khamkheuth - Pakkading - Pakxanh - Thaphabath - Viengthong

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Human Resources Development - Capacity Building - Technical Training
Natural Resources & Ecology - Conservation of Natural Resources - Environment Protection - Wildlife Protection

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