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iNGO Project

Aide et Action International - Laos (AEAL)

Lao009/Secondary school facility improvement

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Aide et Action’s project-related themes

Access & Quality Education


Sangthong district, Vientiane Capital

Dates and Duration

9 months


Target Groups

Direct :  at least 534/286female  secondary school students and 24/12female teachers

Indirect :  at least 1,000 families

Operational and Financial Partners

Ministry Of Education And Sports

Context and Justification

The Cambridge Hong Kong-Operation for International Children’s Education (CHOICE) is a student-run organization aimed at improving the lives of children through education. CHOICE tries to work with NGOs in developing countries to help in areas needed.  For the past few years, CHOICE funded the building of schools in Cambodia, and also sent volunteers to teach and visit local communities in a service trip. This year, the group wishes to contribute to the building or improving of a school in Laos.


As Aide et Action (AEA) has long years working in education to improve lives of children and vulnerable people, CHOICE group is interested to collaborate with AEA this year for their project. The group will raise a lump sum of USD8,000-10,000 to be used in one of AEA’s projects in Laos - preferably something that would have tangible results before the service trip. They will also bring around 20-30 students to Laos in August or September for a week, mainly to teach and help, and learn more about the local situation. 


The two offices of AEA in Hong Kong and Laos are pleased to be able to work with CHOICE for the implementation of this project.


Global Objective

To promote fund raising activity for HK and solidarity link with CHOICE group.


Specific  Objective

To support school facilities improvement initiative for improving the learning condition for the students with the funds raised.  The CHOICE group will also teach in the school for a few days and interact with the teachers, students and community.  They will also be taken to see other AEA educational projects in Laos, as well as other places of interest to better understand the history and culture of Laos and its people.



Main Activities

  • Renovating the roof Sithong secondary school, Sangthong district, Vientiane Capital.
  • CHOICE group visiting school and teaching English in classrooms, while Lao English teacher can observe and learn techniques.
  • Exchanging cultures through music, drawings, arts, sports and others where the CHOICE group has knowledge of.

Main Expected Outcomes

  • Improve the school facility condition
  • Students have experienced with English teaching and learning classes from CHOICE team.
  • Cultures exchanges among CHOICE group and secondary school students.


Project Referent
(contact details)

Vithanya Noonan , Programme Coordinator

Provisional Budget

(in USD) (Party proposed for Guaranteed)



Amount sought by AEA

Year 1

USD 8,000

USD 8,000

Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Mar 10th 2014 Dec 12th 2014 May 12th 2014 May 12th 2014 8000

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Vithanya NOONAN
+856 21 263432
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

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