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iNGO Project

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation (HELVETAS Laos)

Upland Development in Nonget (UDIN)

Last updated:2012-07-29 07:53:23

The project aims to promote food security in a remote and ethnically diverse mountainous area, in the far Northeast of Xiengkhouang province.

 To ensure adequate supplies of high quality foods, target villages will be supported in three key areas:

· Sustainable upland agriculture and improved management of forest and aquatic resources.

· Reduced household vulnerability to food insecurity through improved and diversified livelihood options and a decrease of key shock- and stress incidences.

· Increased human, social and physical capital needed to improve and maintain food security status of households.


The project’s approach recognizes a broad range of participatory methods as well as building mechanisms to ensure active involvement of target beneficiaries, local and community based organizations, and local government institutions.


Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jan 1st 2010 Dec 31st 2014 1 Aug 21st 2011 Aug 21st 2011 800000

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Leexiong Leetakoon (Project Manager)
+ (856-61) 213 017 or helvetas.laos@gm
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

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