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Health Frontiers (HF)

University of Health Sciences Post Graduate Medical Education

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In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Lao University of Health Sciences, Health Frontiers has helped establish and continues to support graduate medical training programs in pediatrics and internal medicine.  These three-year residency programs bring government doctors from district, provincial and central hospitals to Vientiane to study and work in the 4 central teaching hospitals.   The trainees participate in bedside teaching and patient care as well as didactic teaching sessions.  After the completion of three years of study, the physicians return to their sending hospital to share their knowledge and continue patient care.  To date, Health Frontiers-supported residency programs have trained 50 pediatricians and 29 internal medicine specialists.  These graduates are now leaders and teachers in their hospitals and communities.  Some have gone on to further sub-specialty training and are teachers in the University of Health Sciences.  These trained physicians then contribute to the development of medical students, volunteers, junior staff and other hospital personnel.  Health Frontiers is an all-volunteer organization and is a model for cost-effectiveness and long-term relationships.  Despite the modest financial inputs, the program has played a significant role in improving the quality of medical education in Laos and thus improve the quality of health care provided.  This program is truly a collaboration with the Lao government and Health Frontiers is hopeful our Lao colleagues will be able to make it fully sustainable

Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jan 1st 1998 Jun 30th 2013 5 Jul 1st 2008 Jun 30th 2013 120000

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Christine Johns, MD
There are no partners specified

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Health Care - Health Education & Training - Training of Health Workers

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