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Huam Jai Asasamak (HJA) Volunteer/Intern Program

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To establish a start-up intern “volunteer” program consisting of 2-3 young Lao Volunteers to work in international NGOs or local NPAs for an initial period of up to one year. The experience gained from this initial phase will be used to expand the program in subsequent phases.

Target groups/individuals:

· Young Lao people 18-25 years old who may or may not have completed secondary or post-secondary education, but who are nevertheless interested in gaining experience and skills by working for a community based NGO/NPA project.

· Preference should be given to women and ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged young people including those with physical disabilities.

· The focus should also be on young people and work placements (projects) in rural or more remote areas, although urban projects and volunteers should not be discounted.

Project goals and objectives:

· To provide an opportunity for less advantaged Lao youths to actively participate and gain valuable experience in working for an organisation that will also get them involved in helping their own community and society as well as developing in them a sense of volunteerism.

· To supplement this experience by training, conducted through HJA, to develop the theoretical and practical knowledge of HJA volunteers in various aspects of sustainable social development and to promote methods of self-development usually neglected in formal education systems in Laos.

Short term outcome:

Volunteers will learn practical skills, gain valuable work experience and be more aware of development issues in terms of how they affect their communities and society. They will also gain a sense of self-confidence to enable them to better plan their future.

Long term outcome:

By inspiring a new generation of young people to work in the field of social development, and perhaps make it their career, the HJA program will be strengthening all supporting partner organisations, and the growing number of local social development NPAs in Laos.

Placement Partners:

The most important criteria for placement partners is that they must work in social development, so that volunteers are developing applicable skills in that area. Since social development is a broad topic, this permits a wide range of possible partners, working in a wide range of projects. However, the focus of HJA will be to place volunteers at locally managed organisations/groups/projects where possible.

What we can offer and how you can help:

What we need now is the active participation of any interested organisations with a view to becoming future partners in the program. HJA can offer the full support of the well established CUSO volunteer program (of which we are a part), providing in-house training and feedback sessions and monitoring within a standardised program framework. You can help by: 1/ Sharing your experience with intern or volunteer programs and what lessons were learnt. 2/ Hosting or contributing to the costs of one of the initial interns. 3/ Serving on an advisory committee.

Contact:Vilinthone Sacklokham

Program Coordinator

Tel: 021 264291

Mobile: 020 5629082


Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Nov 26th 2006 Dec 26th 2007 1 Nov 26th 2006 Dec 26th 2007 0

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Vilinthone Sacklokham
(021) 264291 ext.105
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Saravan Province - Khongxedone - Lakhonepheng - Lao Ngarm - Samuoi - Saravane - Ta Oi - Toomlarn - Vapy
Vientiane Municipality - Xaysettha

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Community Development - Community Development Training
Human Resources Development - Capacity Building

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