World Renew

World Renew

Mission Statement

Motivated by mercy and justice, we partner with remote communities to promote healthy relationships and transition from poverty to renewed hope.

Program Description

4 Main Outcomes:
  1. Villages have self-reliant leadership teams of both men and women who can unite and lead their communities towards improved lives.
  2. Villagers have good understanding of issues affecting their health.
  3. The quality of teaching and learning has improved so that education meets the needs of learners in our target communities.
  4. Farmers have sustainable livelihood systems that provide food and income security.

Contact Details

Contact Person:
Mike Fennema
Country Representative:
PO Box 4224
Km 3, Thadeau, Siamphon Road 175/15
Ban Vatnak, Vientiane, LAO PDR
(021) 313071

General Info

Number of Staff

20 - 50

Average Annual Budget


In Lao PDR Since


Country of Origin


Main Programs

ELECT - Enhancing Learning in Ethnic Communities Together

Start: 01/11/2019 - End: 30/06/2024

Phase 3 of World Renew's Integrated Community Livelihood Development project in Mai district, Phongsaly Province targeting 17 remote communities.

GROW - Growing Resilience Ownership and Wellness

Start: 05/02/2021 - End: 31/12/2023

Phase 1 of World Renew's Integrated Development Project in Phonthong District, Luang Prabang Project targeting 16 remote communities.

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