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World Concern Mission What we do… World Concern partners to transform the lives of poor and marginalized people through disaster response and sustainable community development. The love of Christ compels us to pursue reconciliation and equip those we serve, so that they may in turn share with others.

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World Concern envisions to have a world transformed from poverty to the abundance of life. To achieve this, World Concern partners to transform the lives of poor and marginalized people through disaster response and sustainable community development. World Concern has had a long history serving the people of Lao PDR since 1983, focused on disaster relief in Luang Nam Tha Province in response to local flooding. This work paved the way for more substantial projects focusing on sustainable development. Since then, World Concern has expanded its interventions from disaster response to holistic community development. These include microfinance interventions, livelihoods, agriculture, infrastructure, formal and non-formal education support, health, WASH, nutrition, community-based rehabilitation, training, and capacity development. In 2018, WCL commenced the implementation of the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Unsafe Migration and Trafficking (PATH) Project, and the Integrated Development Project for Community Health Promotions (IDPCHP) Phase 3 in Soukhouma and Phonthong districts, respectively in coordination with the Champasak Provincial Health Department of the Ministry of Health. The PATH Project in Soukhouma was implemented in 5 villages, while the IDPCHP in Phonthong was performed in 8 communities. Both projects employ integrated interventions on health promotion, WASH, migration and protection campaigns, village development committee strengthening, youth life skills development and vocational training, capacity building of village-based groups on savings and farmer’s groups on rice bank establishment, natural farming systems, and diversified livelihoods. IDPCHP Phonthong is co-funded by World Concern’s OVT and  Entrust and Tearfund Australia. Tearfund Australia is a grantee of DFAT (The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) – Government of Australia. The year 2020 was a turning point for WCL because of the significant reduction in budgets brought by the economic impact of COVID-19. These brought tremendous effects to WCL, such as cutting 60% of its staff and halted all OVT projects. Currently, WCL only implements part of the IDPCHP project known as the Migration Risk Reduction through Integrated Development Ph. 3 Phonthong (MRRCD) implemented in 5 villages funded by Tearfund Australia and Entrust. WCL continues to be part of the International NGO Network (INN) of Lao PDR and the Faith-Based Organizations (FBO) as a member organization. It will also seek a Scaling-Up for Nutrition (SUN) Movement and other coalitions it may deem necessary. In the next five years, WCL envisions being one of Laos’s leading organizations to champion transformational development as we leave no one behind and equip the most deprived, excluded, and vulnerable populations. By allowing them to build back better and express their own needs and use existing resources to address these needs, the transformation will last into future generations, focusing on sustainability and resiliency on education, MCHN,  WASH, FSL, and protection. This is also a way for WCL to concentrate its resources, have a more significant impact and focused target groups, and help the GoL achieve its NSEDP aligned to the SDG even faced with an unprecedented global crisis.

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Joshua Pascua
Joshua Pascua:
Joshua Pascua
Sanamxay Village, Pakse District (City), Champasack, Laos

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