Mission Statement

Tétraktys is a French NGO specialized in nature-based tourism and ecotourism. It benefits from a wide range of expertise including education, technical engineery, territorial promotion. It is currently developing projects in Lao PDR, Colombia, Senegal, Liban, Burkina Faso and Palestine. Tétraktys thinks that relying on local communities to manage tourism activities is the best way to ensure environment preservation and direct economic benefits. The NGO has the ability to support them in the strengthening of their capacities and vulnerable populations’ empowerment.

Program Description

3 main programs are implementing by Tétraktys in Lao PDR:
  • In Khammouane province : Originally, the French NGO ensured the tourism side of the cooperation between Région Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes and Khammouane Province, two territories relying on nature to increase tourism. Indeed, they share similar landforms combining karst, caves and canyons. Tétraktys’ expertise on geo-tourism is definitely an asset in this region where geo-heritage could still be promoted a lot more. Both territories are currently working together in order to develop a tourism management plan for the karstic sites of northern Phou Hin Poun. This 3 years program funded by AFD aims at strengthening Tourism local authorities’ capacities.
  • In Khammouane province: Since 2016, the NGO received funding from AFD, and works hand in hand with local communities in order to improve tourism development in Konglor village and Natane Valley. Most of the work aims at reducing impacts on the environment (electric boats, waste management), improving the tourism experience (infrastructures within the cave, more information available and boost communication), developing the tourism offer (homestays, handicraft shops, hiking and bicycled tours) and above all, ensure the sustainability of the whole management of the site.
  • In Savannakhet province: Tétraktys is also conducting a project in Champhone district, within the frame of the CAWA program run by FAO and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. We are in charge of the development of a community-based eco-touristic circuit gathering 5 main sites, mainly for local tourism. This project has been designed around four axis: studies to understand and protect the natural and cultural heritage of the sites; capacity building of the villagers and authorities (site management, financial aspect, handicraft, homestays…); sustainable development of the sites (construction and renovation of touristic infrastructures, environment preservation program); and communication and promotion of this touristic loop. To achieve these objectives we are working closely with authorities at a district and provincial level, and of course with villagers to support them in the establishment and implementation of a touristic strategy.

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Lisa Bardot
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Barbara Guyomarch
5 rue Federico Garcia Lorca
38 000 Grenoble
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