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Mission Statement

The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia. Informed by six decades of experience and deep local expertise, our work across the region addresses five overarching goals—strengthen governance, empower women, expand economic opportunity, increase environmental resilience, and promote international cooperation.

Program Description

Under the Legal Aid Support Program, The Foundation is assisting the MOJ to expand its legal aid clinics to nine provinces and Vientiane Capital. 94 of 166 MOJ Legal Aid Offices [LAOs], as well as eight LBA Legal Aid Centers will receive support. The Foundation will support the MOJ’s future budget advocacy to ensure that such services are expanded and help to increase the number of lawyers providing legal aid, and the number of female lawyers in the country by providing scholarships for professional legal training and funding internships. The Asia Foundation’s Environment Program supports community-based projects that enable Lao citizens to both benefit from and protect their natural resources that are critical to their livelihoods. Our work supports evidence-based policymaking with the National Assembly through connecting key Committees and the Institute of Legislative Studies (ILS) with expertise to respond to urgent, high-level requests related to upcoming legislative sessions. The Asia Foundation also develops the skills of the ILS research team and connects them with research mentors to assist them to deliver high-quality Briefing Notes on a range of diverse subjects for the National Assembly and People’s Provincial Assemblies. The Foundation supports policy to increase e-commerce readiness and ASEAN economic integration by improving the quality and relevance of information supplied to the National Assembly regarding priority concerns for e-commerce and cross-border trade. Simultaneously, the Foundation improves e-commerce readiness of MSMEs through capacity development and technical assistance to identify, promote, and demonstrate practical solutions. Through the development of the mobile application ToolaKit, 8000 youth entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs) are on target to receive training in digital literacy, marketing, online business, resources, personal efficiency, and more. The initiative also seeks to grow and cement a network of growing enterprises for engagement by The Asia Foundation in future works. In partnership with a range of government and non-government actors working to address trafficking-in-persons (TIP), The Asia Foundation works to increase the effectiveness of subnational networks to identify TIP survivors and assist them in pursuing legal remedies and other services guaranteed to them under the law. The Foundation supports Sengsavang’s mission of providing protection and assistance to victims and girls at risk of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Laos. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and destructive seasonal flooding, the Foundation has provided funding and technical assistance to Sengsavang to deliver emergency food support to affected families of their clients, strengthen the sustainability of its social enterprise including through linkages with foreign markets via e-commerce, and expand training and income generation opportunities for its clients. The Women’s Scholarship for STEM studies through the National University of Laos to address chronic unemployment of university graduates and the low number of Lao women working in STEM, by providing financial and academic support, including English, IT, and soft skills training over the four years of study. The Let’s Read program in Partnership with the National Library of Laos, focuses on increasing literacy in children, and promoting and reading culture through the creation, and translation of children’s books available the Let’s Read app, hosting a free digital library.

Contact Details

Contact Person:
Sirisouk Phanthavongs
Country Director:
Todd Wassel
23 Singha Road
Ban Phonexay
Saysettha District
Vientiane P.O. Box 8032
+856 (21) 454 300 -04

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20 - 50

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United States of America
Partnership for Infrastructure (P4I)
Vientiane Capital
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