Oxfam in Laos

Mission Statement

Oxfam has a vision where all people are empowered to pursue development opportunities which address all forms of poverty and injustice. Oxfam’s vision is of a Laos in which all citizens – in particular women, the marginalised, and discriminated groups – are able to claim their right to access opportunities and resources so as to overcome all forms of poverty and injustice. Oxfam in Lao PDR will work to realise substantive changes in the lives of women and men living in poverty in the Lao PDR, with women at the centre of all our work. In Laos, Oxfam works with a variety of partners that range from government and civil society organisations to corporate and research institutes.

Program Description

We believe a vibrant, effective and credible civil society sector is essential. Multi-dimensional capacity-building can help give rise to civil society organisations that can engage and influence their government and corporate sector on a principled and sustained basis. An essential part of building a credible civil society is to ensure that it legitimately represents poor and marginalised people and that its advocacy agenda is based on their needs, as well as backed up by solid evidence derived from research and development practice. We believe that, for substantive and durable transformation to occur, change needs to take place at different, mutually reinforcing levels. We want to see more deprived and marginalised women securing greater, more sustained access and control of productive resources. We want them to have the opportunity to become organised and mobilised around their specific needs, to challenge discrimination, to claim their rights and to live free from violence. In particular, marginalised young women living in poverty will be empowered to raise their voices and claim their rights. We believe the commitment of the corporate sector towards accountable, inclusive and just growth requires strong communities and a strong civil society as a whole, capable of engaging with the corporate sector and holding it accountable. This, in turn, requires ensuring an environment of governmental policy and practice conducive to the success of capable communities and civil society organisations. In addition to this, a more effective regulation of foreign investment is required.

Contact Details

Contact Person:
Thasphorn Butsaling
Country Manager:
Thasphorn Butsaling
98/8 Sithong Road l Vientiane, Lao PDR
+856 21 264224
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