Health Poverty Action

Mission Statement

Health Poverty Action works with some of the poorest and most marginalised communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, often in very difficult environments. We work to enable these communities to achieve both immediate and long-term improvements to their health, promoting this as one of their fundamental human rights. At the same time we campaign for the changes in policies and practices needed to create and sustain good health among the world’s poorest people

Program Description

From 2024-2026, under a grant support from the Global Fund, HPA has been supporting the national malaria program and department of centre of disease control in implementing the activities to realize malaria elimination in Lao PDR by 2030. Key objectives include strengthening the malaria community case management at the community level, supply management of malaria commodities to prevent stock-outs, generating evidence through operational research in vector control and surveillance and responses. HPA also works in a close coordination with the other civil society organizations at relevant areas

Contact Details

Contact Person:
Pachit Mispasa
Country Director:
Dr. Thet Lynn
Saphangmore Village, Saysetha District, Vientiane Capital
021264960/Whatsapp 02023770428

General Info

Number of Staff

20 - 50

Average Annual Budget

est. 400,000 USD

In Lao PDR Since


Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Main Programs

Regional Artemisinin-resistance Initiative - 4 Elimination (RAI4E)

Start: 01/01/2024 - End: 31/12/2026

The RAI4E is implemented by HPA Laos in Attapeu Province (Saysettha, Sanamxay, & Samakhixay districts) and Savannakhet province (Phin, Sepon & Nong districts).
The Project Main Activities
1. Establish an effective program management and coordination at all levels of health system to efficiently deliver a combination of targeted interventions for malaria burden reduction in targeted areas.
2. Achieve universal coverage of malaria case management by ensuring 100% parasitological diagnosis of all suspected cases and prompt and effective treatment of all confirmed cases by the VMWs in targeted areas.
3. Strengthen the data-embedded supply management and coordination mechanisms to support the primary healthcare facilities in ensuring the undisrupted flow of malaria commodities to the VMWs in the targeted areas.

Vientiane Capital
Apply by: May 17, 2024
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