Good Neighbors Laos

Mission Statement

Good Neighbors International and KOICA have been implementing Project Management Consulting (PMC, specific project type of KOICA) of RMNCH project (PMC services for Quality and Accessibility Improvement and Developing Community-based Program for Reproductive Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (RMNCH) in Northern Lao PDR) in collaboration with Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in three Northern provinces. The specific project objectives are: (1) Strengthen capacity of health workers for maternal and child health services (2) Improve accessibility in essential maternal and child health services (3) Improve nutritional status of maternal and child of the community (Luang Namtha) (4) Improving sexual reproductive health behaviors (Namor District, Oudomxay)

Program Description

Good Neighbors Laos (GNLaos) is the international humanitarian organization aims to assist in bringing a fundamental change to the social environment by implementing a committee development project focusing on child education. In 2012, GNLaos plans to assist the Lao PDR in developing the education sector. Ministry of Foreign Affair (MoFA) of the Lao PDR approved the GNLaos Operation. Permit on May 2012. Following the approval, GNLaos has become a project cooperation partners with the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOEs)

Contact Details

Contact Person:
Chindavone Philakone
Country Director:
Mr. Yongki CHOI
house No.112, Unit 10 Sisangvone Village, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR/PO Box 11920
021 415711
Good Neighbors Laos
Vientiane Capital
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