Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA

Mission Statement

Australian unions working globally in partnership for the achievement of dignity at work, social justice, economic equality and the realisation of human rights. We work to achieve this through strong unions and social movements, sustainable development programs, global solidarity and support in times of crisis.

Program Description

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, as the global justice organisation of the Australian union movement, works to support stronger union and social movements in thirteen locations in Southeast Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East, and Southern Africa. We do that by working in partnership with thirty-nine local unions and community organisations through thirty projects and campaigns. Our approach to development and movement-building work is centred in values of partnership, solidarity, equality, justice, and accountability. We provide on-the-ground assistance which aims to address the causes of injustice and inequality, not the symptoms. We support organised movements of people to make their own change possible, by exerting political pressure for just and sustainable solutions. We recognise our solidarity with the working classes and marginalised people of the Global South and stand with them, as together we struggle for a better world. We seek to deploy funds in effective and strategic ways, with accountability to partner organisations, funding bodies and our own members. In Laos, we are partnership with the Lao Federation of Trade Union (LFTU) to:
  1. Build capacity of the trade unions to deliver quality organizing activities and good management practices in the private sector
  2. Enhance awareness raising on the impact of asbestos hazards and develop linkages between asbestos ban networking to eliminate asbestos related diseases in Lao PDR.
  3. Increased sustainability of LFTU’s organizing activities.

Contact Details

Contact Person:
Soulisa Kantasilo
Country Manager:
Vilada Phomduangsy
23 Singha Road, Unit 12, Ban Nongbone, Xaysettha, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR P.O Box 1770, Vientiane, Lao PDR
+856 (021) 450264

General Info

Number of Staff

1 - 5

Average Annual Budget

125.000 US$

In Lao PDR Since


Country of Origin


Main Programs

Decent Work – “Organizing Trade Unions in the private sector and eliminating asbestos related diseases in Lao PDR”

Start: 01/07/2018 - End: 30/06/2021

This three-year project “Organizing Trade Unions in the private sector and eliminating asbestos related diseases in Lao PDR” 2018-21 continues the success of the pilot project, focusing on Decent Work, and will address the underlying issues by providing ongoing support to LFTU to achieve the three key priorities in the 3rd LFTU National Strategic Development plan 2016-20.
• Develop and expand number of trade union organization in the private sectors.
• Educating trade union members, employees, workers, labourers and government officer.
• Protection rights and interests of the workers.

Specifically, this project will extend and further strengthen the successful model of organising in the private sector, developed by the LFTU under the pilot phase, through ongoing support for LFTU capacity development, establishing GTU, increasing union membership and strengthening CBA in private sector workplaces.

This project will also continue Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA support for the LFTU and its network’s efforts to eradicate asbestos related disease.

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