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Leadership & Team Management

We Civil Society Academy, would like to announce the Leadership and Team Management in Bangkok, Thailand.


The Focus Training consists of 3.5-day focus trainings – it specializes in different key topics related to leadership and management. 


This training course has been run successfully in Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh and East Africa. It is proven to have great impact on participants’ capacity to reflect on their own performance and the performance of their team and organization. We guarantee top facilitation through Stefan Bannach(Germany) and Sukamal Surichamorn (Thai). Language is English.

About The Organization

Civil Society Academy
Soeurth Ker
+855 15630640 ;+855 973 649 675

CDO Details

3.5 days
Jun 11th 2019
May 28th 2019
Out of Laos
Bangkok, Thailand
leadership and team management

Topic(s) of CDO: Organizational Development

Topic(s) of CDO: Programmatic Content

Additional Information

Leadership & Team Management

Date: 11 -14 June 2019 | Venue: Bangkok, Thailand.


Training ObjectiveYou will learn fundamental concepts of leadership and team management. This will enable you to lead and manage your team better, stimulate team spirit, decrease conflicts and enhance team performance.

Who Can Apply: 

§ Everyone in leadership position and young emerging leaders

§ Everyone who leads a team or aspires to become a team leader

Register before 28 May 2019

Early bird by 14 May 2019 and groups (2 or more registration) discount of 10%.

Please share the flyers with your partners, staff, and other CSOs who could benefit from this course. The details content of this course is attached.

You are advised to registration through this weblink Registration form

Please visit our website for your further details, Civil Society Academy Webpage

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind Regards,


Soeurth Ker

Accounting | Finance | Logistics | Course Coordination for Open Training


  +855 15630640 | +855 973 649 675

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