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Training in "Better Development: A Justice Based Approach"

Please find here below, and in the attachments, a reminder for registration to the upcoming Training 3-day Workshop on ”Better Development: A Justice Based Approach” that will be organized again this year by UNITED EDGE in Vientiane on the 12th to 14th June.



UNITED EDGE is pleased invite you and your teams and partners to the updated training we'll be holding in Vientiane this year. The training was fully booked for the last 2 years in a row, with a waiting list, so please let Matt Kletzing know as soon as possible if you can attend. United Edge had the privilege so far of working with over 60 people from over 30 organisations in Laos and hope to expand the reach even more this year!


The training is not only for local NPAs but also for INGOs, UN, donors, and others.


United Edge would particularly like to invite: 

·  any organisations that have not yet been able to participate

·  any new staff or staff that have not attended yet -- particularly staff in leadership positions -- from organisations that have come in the past

·  any of your partners and their staff

·  your government partners, if appropriate

·  your UN partners, especially

·  your donor partners, especially

The training is designed for humanitarian, development, social change, and environmental justice workers, called Better Development: A Justice Based Approach. The training programme in 2018 achieve 98% satisfaction (more results here) and many stories of change. We've been asked by many to return to Vientiane for another training in 2019, so we've scheduled a third one for 12-14 June. Attached is a brochure, and there's more information below this email or online at You can also find the announcement on the attached documents.


Feel free to get in touch with any questions. Thanks for letting me know if you plan to attend,




Matthew Kletzing



United Edge


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Matthew Kletzing

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03 days
Jun 12th 2019
Jun 14th 2019
Vientiane Municipality
The training is not only for local NPAs but also for INGOs, UN, donors, and others.

Topic(s) of CDO: Organizational Development

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Additional Information

 Training in "Better Development: A Justice Based Approach"


Book online here


United Edge is a social enterprise that supports development and humanitarian workers around the world. We will return to South Asia soon for our flagship training, which especially builds on and fills the gaps in conventional human rights based approaches, as well as building capacity on strategy development, programme design, impact and innovation, monitoring and evaluation, critical thinking and reflection, participation, and leadership. 


The training is called Better Development: A Justice Based Approach and takes place from 6-8 February in Colombo (Sri Lanka), 12-14 February in Dhaka (Bangladesh), 26-28 February in Nepal (Kathmandu), 5-7 March in Myanmar (Yangon), 3-5 April in Cambodia (Phnom Penh) in coordination with Oxfam Cambodia, 13-15 May in PNG (Port Moresby), 22-24 May in Timor-Leste (Dili), 12-14 June in Laos (Vientiane), 19-21 June in Cambodia (Phnom Penh), and 9-11 July in the UK (London).


We focus on developing critical thinking and reflection for leadership and programming, and it's designed for humanitarian, development, social change, and environmental justice workers. There's more information online here. You can also check the reviews and testimonials, watch a video about the methodology, and a video introduction to the training.  


We usually have a rich mix of organisations and individuals attending -- such as UN agencies (like UNDP, OCHA, FAO, etc), INGOs (like Save, World Vision, Amnesty, WWF, ActionAid, Oxfam, ChildFund, etc), local and national organisations, other development partners (like donors, embassy staff, etc), and independent participants. In 30 trainings across 13 countries in Asia, over 800 people from over 250 organisations have already attended, and 98% say they would recommend it to others. Many people tell us its one of the best trainings they've ever attended.


The training is relevant for any level or department of staff, and participants only need a good level of English. There is more information about training fees and other details online here. We also have a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. If there are any inclusion needs or concerns, please also let us know, too. 


You can contact us at with any questions. Here is a link to book your places for the training


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