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M.A. Social Science (Development Studies), with a specialisation in Land Issues

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Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD), Chiang Mai University, Thailand

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Jul 3rd 2017
Apr 30th 2017
Out of Laos

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Land governance is a concept that cuts across academic disciplines, bridging social and environmental sciences, an understanding of legal frameworks, political economy and policy studies. At state and regional levels, policy in Southeast Asia has often mirrored the development of dynamic land markets, encouraging improvements in agricultural productivity and the use of land as collateral. Concessions to foreign investors are seen as an opportunity for growth in emerging economies. However, the effect on rural smallholders and sustainable land use has been questioned, with farmers suffering livelihood loss under minimal compensation packages. A specialisation in land issues within a Master’s level program aims to equip students with an applied understanding of concepts such as access, rights, administration, and tenure security, and an ability to grasp both local perspectives and regional dynamics on land.
Brochure for MA specialisation on land issues Chiang Mai University .pdf
Brochure for MA specialisation on land issues Chiang Mai University .pdf (3.26 MB)

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