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iNGO Project

Union Aid Broad-APHEDA (Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA Laos)

Decent Work –“Organizing Trade Unions in the private sector and eliminating asbestos related diseases in Lao PDR”

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This three-year project “Organizing Trade Unions in the private sector and eliminating asbestos related diseases in Lao PDR” 2018-21 continues the success of the pilot project, focusing on Decent Work, and will address the underlying issues outlined above by providing ongoing support to LFTU to achieve the three key priorities in the 3rd LFTU National Strategic Development plan 2016-20.

Specifically, this project will extend and further strengthen the successful model of organising in the private sector, developed by the LFTU under the pilot phase, through ongoing support for LFTU capacity development, establishing GTU, increasing union membership and strengthening Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA in private sector workplaces.

This project will also continue Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA support for the LaoBAN Network’s efforts to eradicate asbestos related disease.

Main activities of this project are

1.      Grass-root union organizing and capacity development through numbers of training and coaching on union roles and responsibility, concepts, steps of organizing, collective bargaining and occupational health and safety.

2.      Training of trainers on teaching methods and adult interactive learning and technical capacity development for trade union management and implementation teamsat the national and provincial (PTU) and district (DTU) branches on union organizing, collective bargaining, Occupational Health and safety

3.      Develop Asbestos ban networking, government awareness raising and campaigning through workshops and May Day

4.      Monitoring, coaching, technical backup support and evaluation

5.      Equipment and support (photocopy, teaching equipment and Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials

Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jul 1st 2018 Jun 30th 2021 II Jan 1st 2017 Jun 30th 2018 304

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Khampasong Siharath
(856 21) 450 264
There are no partners specified

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