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Plan International Lao PDR (Plan Laos)

Child protection (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics)

Last updated:2014-05-09 12:38:52

Ensuring the right to protection from all forms of harm and violence against children, this new programme will include local civil society partnerships. We will  address a systems building approach in partnership with other INGO partners, UNICEF and GOL. Complementing this, Plan will work with communities to develop child protection networks, and develop a pilot project that addresses masculinity and supports men and boys to address violence against women. The Child Protection Programme will include Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (with a focus on universal birth registration). As Plan Laos builds capacity at the national level in children protection, and develops a partnership with key government agencies, we will work in partnership with Save the Children to support the production of a period Children’s Report[2], while the government continues to prohibit the production of a CRC Alternative Report.

[2] Save the Children Laos has produced a periodic “Children’s Report” while it has been prohibited from producing a CRC Alternative Report. The Children’s Report does not use a specific format or methodology, but is simply a survey of children’s opinion’s on voices on the situation for children in Laos.

Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jul 1st 2014 Aug 9th 2019 May 9th 2014 May 9th 2014 2037000

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Social Development - Advocacy and Social Legislation - Child Labour - Child Rights - Gender and Development - Governance Aid in Legislative Issues - Human Rights - Marginalized Groups in Society

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