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iNGO Project

Humanity & Inclusion (HI)

Build capacity of Lao Disabled People Association (LDPA) to support and advocate for inclusive employment and economic opportunities for people with disabilities

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In Lao PDR most PWD and their families are trapped in a negative poverty cycle: physical and social barriers significantly reduce PWD’ access to gainful employment and often the presence of an adult or child with a disability prevents other family members from working.

The project aims to break down the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing formal and self employment opportunities within their communities.  

The formal employment component of the project is looking at linking employers with employees with disability. The office of Job Placement Service to PWD (get jobs) and Post Placement Support to employee with disability to stay in jobs established at LDPA main office is functional. The unit conducts awareness among companies and identifies the ones willing to employ. In the meantime the unit collects information on skilled PWD willing to enter job market. Once companies share vacancy announcements with the unit, the team can identify and support adequate candidates. A follow up is organized after PWD is employed to help the person integrate in his/her new workplace. In 2011, 38 companies have exchanged vacancies with the service and 27 job seekers with disabilities have applied to vacancies with 19 persons being employed.  Data collection is being conducted in Savannakhet to start supporting PWD accessing formal employment.

The self employment component of the project is supporting PWD to start their own businesses. They may be linked to vocational schools when needed or receive short term technical skill training (such as livestock, vegetable growing). The team is supporting PWD develop their individual project through coaching them to develop simple business plan. Village development funds have been established in several communities where PWD can access capital. In some cases a seed fund is helping them getting basic equipment they need to start their activity.


Local partner:

-          the Lao Disabled Peoples Association (LDPA)

-          the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare


Direct beneficiaries:

-          LDPA staff (20) in Vientiane Capital and Vientiane Province and Savannakhet provincial branches, who will benefit from capacity building

-          People with disabilities (565) of legal working age, with the ability and determination to work, who will benefit from reduced barriers to formal and self employment

-          People without disabilities (290) whose family includes a disabled member who cannot work (disabled child or a severely affected adult), will also be a target group for self employment support

-          Employers in Vientiane Capital and Savannakhet who will receive information, training and assistance in developing open work policies and more accessible work environments.

-          Members (1680) of 14 Village Saving Funds, created and trained in all target locations.


Indirect beneficiaries:

-          Families of PWD accessing employment


Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jan 1st 2011 Oct 31st 2014 1 Jan 1st 2011 Oct 31st 2014 650000

Project Coordinator Project Partners
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Savannakhet Province - Khanthabouly
Vientiane Municipality - Chanthabuly - Hadxaifong - Maypakngum - Naxaithong - Sangthong - Sikhottabong - Sisattanak - Xaysettha - Xaythani
Vientiane Province - Vangvieng

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Education - Peer Education Training
Human Resources Development - Capacity Building
Income Generation & Economic Development - Income Generation Activity - Savings & Credit - Small & Medium Business Development
Social Development - Marginalized Groups in Society

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