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World Concern in Lao PDR (World Concern)

Integrated Development Project for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Champasak Province

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In September 2007, World Concern Laos, in partnership with Champasak PCCA Secretariat, first commissioned a scoping study[1] to explore the possibility of establishing a new development project in Champasak province based on World Concern’s experience in Salavan and Sekong.  The Short-Term Consultant of World Concern (Dr. Burns) and Champasak PCCA Secretariat, identified significant needs and opportunities for Word Concern to work in Phonethong district and recommend that further research be conducted.  An in-depth participatory research project was undertaken in November 2007 in order to plan effective and appropriate project activities to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in six sample villages of Phonethong district selected by WCL and the Champasak PCCA Secretariat.  The report of the participatory research project, Participatory Research on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) about HIV/AIDS vulnerability-related issues for young people aged 12-20 in six villages of Phonethong District, Champasak Province, found that the main problem in target villages is the “…chronic situation of vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, implicating social, familial, educational and economic structures as well as patterns of migration and sexual behaviour.” 


A further study was requested by the Project’s funding partners in June 2011 to ensure that the needs identified in 2007 were still relevant and to update the information on hand. In October 2011, World Concern Laos, in partnership with the Champasak PCCA Secretariat and with CHAS approval, conducted a follow-up feasibility study in the same target area, led by our Short-Term Consultant (Ms Bangone Santavasy). This report[2] confirmed that the needs and opportunities first identified in 2007 are still evident. In addition, the feasibility study found that other “at risk” groups are drug users (present in 97% of villages in Phonethong District), Children with HIV (20 cases)[3], Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), and Commercial Sex Workers (CSW).

[1] Burns, Chaleunsouk, Craven.  Report of scoping survey for developing a new program in Champasak Province. World Concern Laos (2007)

[2] Santavasy. Feasibility study for IDP-PHA Project in Champasak Province. World Concern Laos (2011)

[3]ProvincialHospital of Champasak, ARV site (October 10, 2011)


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