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World Concern Development Organization (World Concern)

Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Unsafe Migration and Trafficking (PATH) Project, in Soukhoumma District, Champasak Province.

Last updated:2012-06-29 11:50:57

Due to its geographical setting, Lao PDR is a source country for victims of trafficking Young women and girls from Lao PDR may be for­ced into Thailand’s commercial sex trade or domes­tic service, garment factories, and agricultural industries while Lao men are also victims of trafficking for forced labour in Thailand’s fishing and construction industries.

This target district of Soukhoumma in Champasak province is highly vulnerable to migration risks due to its proximity to the Thailand border.  The numbers of migrant workers, mostly illegal, are increasing and the risks are increasing with the key push factors being poverty and lack of employment opportunity in the area. This project focusses on awareness raising, vocational training and community development in order to prevent unsafe migration. If villagers who migrate are aware of how to protect themselves, avoid HIV and migrate safely then they will be less likely to fall into dangerous situations or contract HIV and spread it in their home villages. If villagers have better livelihoods and quality of life in their own village, they are less likely to migrate to risky situations. This project is focussed on preventing the risks of unsafe migration, as prevention is better and is cheaper than cure.

World Concern Lao PDR conducted an end of phase evaluation for its previous programming in Champasak province and together with the recent consultation with the communities and government partners, the following are the main constraints identified:

·       Lack of skill training opportunities for out of school youths who tend to migrate: Many youth in the target villages are preparing themselves to migrate for work opportunities in Thailand, as they do not have the skills to get a good paying job within Laos. In the past few years, problems have been encountered by many young adults such as abuse, low or no payment and illness.

·       Retention of migration risks message are not sufficiently well targeted: During phase one of the project, the campaign groups were trained in developing and conveying risk messages, but messaging was not tailored to different age groups, so some of the messages were not fully understood and absorbed by the target audience.

·       Increasing number of HIV AIDS affected individuals: When Phase 1 started its program of assistance to the Self Help group of PLWHA, there were 33 members, after only a year the members increased to 56.  Most of these individuals are returning migrants from Thailand.

·       Absence of collective structures that help to strengthen surveillance and support for migrating youths and adults: Many of the risks experienced by the migrating people are due to the lack of skill and legal documentation, and many of the families are worried for family members who work in Thailand because they don’t know where they work or have regular communication.

·       Increasing effect of longer dry season and decreasing water supply on rice farming and vegetable gardens threatens food security and livelihoods: In the past 3 years, the village farmers expressed that the dry season is getting longer and the rainy season shorter, and this phenomenon took its toll on the yields of the rice paddy farms this last year. The women of the communities also expressed that their vegetable gardens dry up more easily and that the water sources are getting weaker.


The project is aligned with the 2020 goals of the National Government and the objectives of the Centre for HIV AIDS


Project Start Date Project End Date Current Project Phase Current Phase Start Current Phase End Project Operational Budget
Jul 1st 2018 Jun 30th 2021 1 Jul 1st 2018 Jun 30th 2021 0

Project Coordinator Project Partners
Khamsone Keosacksith
There are no partners specified

Provinces and districts of project activity:

Provinces Districts
Champasack Province - Sukuma

Sectors and sub-sectors of project activity:

Sectors Sub-sectors
Education - Training of Teachers - Vocational Education
Health Care - STD / HIV / AIDS
Social Development - SD Education and Training - Trafficking of Humans

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