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Intermed International, Inc. (Formerly Dooley Foundation) (Intermed)

Blindness Prevention and Vision Restoration

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Since the mid 1990s Intermed International, at the invitation of the Lao PDR Government, has been collaborating with the two main Ministry of Health Centers that work with the disabled. These are the National Center of Medical Rehabilitation (NCMR), and the Ophthalmology Center, both located in the capital city of Vientiane.

The Ophthalmology Center, under the direction of Dr. Vithoune Vissonavong, as part of the Vision 2020 Initiative established by WHO for the Asia-Pacific Region, has an active and successful vision restoration program for cataract sufferers, with 3,300 operations performed only in 2003; its goal for the present year is to perform 4,000 cataract surgeries, with a special effort to reach those people in the most isolated areas of the country. In addition, the Center has a project to reduce the incidence and prevalence of trachoma in rural areas, and has recently begun local production of topical ophthalmic medicines. Intermed support to the Ophthalmology Center has focused on contributions of intraocular lenses for cataract surgery (1,700 units); prescription eyeglasses (5,000 pairs); ophthalmic equipment including a lensometer and an electric hand edger; educational materials and textbooks; and support for the training of doctors, nurses and technicians in ophthalmic surgery. Recently, Dr. Vithoune has requested Intermed's expanded support for the cataract program and the training of professionals and technicians, as well as for the purchase of an A-B scan device.

For 2005 Intermed International plans to expand its outreach to the people in Laos that suffer from disabilities. We expect to increase our contributions and collaborations with the Ophthalmology Center through the training of physicians and nurses, as we successfully did in Myanmar, by means of a partnership with the internationally renowned Tilganga Eye Care and Training Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. In addition, 2,000 intraocular lenses, an A-B scan for intraocular sonography, and financial support for roving surgical teams performing cataract surgery at the community-based level, will be provided. The preliminary budget for the Vision Restoration portion of our program for 2005 is US$40,000.

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