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Aide et Action International - Laos

Mission Statement

The mission of Aide et Action focuses on allowing the most under-privileged children to go to primary school. This is the first step in attaining knowledge and also a vehicle to educate all people in the longer term. For Aide et Action, school is a fundamental right.

For this reason, Aide et Action has been involved in reforming the educational systems. It can meet and surpass the targets established under the Education For All. Aide et Action believes educational systems must integrate non-conventional, informal experiences, respect the people’s cultures and ensure gender equity.

In 2000, Aide et Action decided to develop educative programs in Southeast Asia and the approach in this region was to use education as a major element in development that allows people of the region to make choices or decisions about their own future and society. Now, the organization has been implementing educative projects in Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Lao PDR.



Programme Description

Aide et Action (AEA) is an international apolitical, non-religious and non-governmental organization. Our goal is to support the development of educational projects in 25 developing countries, first in India, then in Africa and after the Caribbean. Aide et Action is the first French Leading Sponsorship organization.

Aide et Action supports education as an important key for human resource development. Education empowers children, allows them to blossom and grow and enables them to plan their future and participate in the evolution of their country. Education performs an essential function in a community to national levels. AEA Laos development programs are contributing to the national achievements by helping disadvantage children access to quality education, both formal and informal learning.  

AEA Laos has been operating since 2005, and currently is supporting tree main projects:

  1. Street children project, in partnership with Peuan Mit or Friends International (FI) and work mainly in Vientiane Capital
  2. Reading Promotion and Preprimary Education (Year 2008-2012), partner with the MOES and work in two provinces - Oudoxay and Champasak provinces
  3. Early Childhood Care and Education, partner with the MOES, and work in three provinces - Vientiane Capital, Bolikhamxay, and Houaphan provinces.
  4. Harnessing innovative ICT for improved literacy, teaching and learning (Lao LEARN) – pilot project (2017-2018)
  5. Inclusive, Child-friendly Environments and Quality Learning Outcomes Improvement of Early Childhood and Education and Primary School Students in Vientiane and Oudomxay Provinces 2019-2024,

Contact Details

Address: Unit 39, Hom/Street 15, Phonphanao Village; Vientiane, Lao PDR P.O Box 11019
Telephone: +856 (021) 263 432, 261 537
Fax: +856 (021) 263 432
Contact Person: Vithanya NOONAN, Country Director
Other Contact: Pouy PHAVANNA, Senior Finance, HR, and Admin Officer

General Information

Number of Local Staff: 6->10
Number of Expatriate Staff: 1->5
Average Annual Budget: 0 USD
In Lao PDR Since: 2004
Country of Origin: Geneva, Switzeland

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Pakxanh Bolikhamxay Province

Address: Pakxanh Bolikhamxay Province
Phone: (856-20) 97752572
Contact: Mr. Vilaysack THILAKOUN Field Coordinator

Vientiane Vientiane Municipality

Address: Vientiane Xaysettha Vientiane Municipality
Phone: +85621261537
Fax: +85621263432
Contact: Sadsada PHONGNAHAK

Xamneua Village, Unit: 08, House num Houaphan Province

Address: Xamneua Village, Unit: 08, House num Xamneua Houaphan Province
Phone: (856-20) 55552334
Contact: Somdeth Ketsada Field Coordinator


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Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC)

Projects and Sector of Activities

Title Description Provinces/Districts Sectors/Sub-sectors

Start Date: Jun 1st 2011
INTRODUCTION   Aide et Action (AeA) is an International Non-Governmental Organization for Development. Its objective is to promote ...
- Education
Lao009/Secondary school facility improvement

Start Date: Mar 10th 2014
Aide et Action’s project-related themes Access & Quality Education Location Sangthong district, Vientiane ...
Street Children Project in partnership with Friends International

Start Date: Jan 1st 2004
The street children project has three objectives: (1) to reduce the number of children and youth having to work or live on the streets of Vientiane; ...
Vientiane Municipality
- Education
- Health Care