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GRET - Professionals for Fair Development

Mission Statement

Organization Mission statement

Founded in 1976, GRET is a French non-profit association that employs approximately 747 people, 10% of which at headquarters (France). Active in more than 30 countries, GRET has set up 15 local national branches in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Every year, GRET is involved in more than 200 projects and manages a budget of 24.5 million Euros, GRET's goal is to support sustainable development processes in urban and rural areas by building on social equity, economic promotion and respect of environment. It is active in 6 main fields: 

Access to Essential Services: foster access to drinking water and sanitation, nutrition, energy, decent housing.

- Sustainable Food & Agriculture: strengthen family farming, agrifood commodity chains, food security, sustainable natural resource management;

- Institution-Building, Actors and Territories: support actors and organizations, local development and decentralization, media regulation and ethics;

- Information and Communication for Development: develop information management capacities, use of information technologies, implement information services;

- Microfinance and Small Enterprise: deploy innovative intervention methods in microfinance and micro-insurance, and improve micro and small businesses' access to financial and non-financial business development services;

- Public Policies and International Regulations: contribute to discussions on strategies to alleviate poverty, and reduce inequalities, bi- ad multilateral negotiations, agriculture policies, international environment negotiations (climate change, biodiversity...).

Programme Description

Gret is active in the rural development sector, in the fields of water supply sanitation and hygiene, agriculture and forestry and land governance.

Contact Details

Address: 23 Singha road, Ban Saphanthong Nuae, Unit 11, House No. 262, Vientiane, Lao PDR P.O Box 2483
Telephone: +856 21 453332/ 454198
Fax: +856 21 453332
Contact Person: ,
Other Contact: Arnaud Vontobel, Country Representative,

General Information

Number of Local Staff: 11->20
Number of Expatriate Staff: 1->5
Average Annual Budget: 800000 USD
In Lao PDR Since: 2004
Country of Origin: France

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Department of Housing and Urban Planning, MCTPC (DHUP MCTPC)
Department of Urban Housing - Water Supply Division, MCTPC
District-level authorities
Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction (MCTPC)
Provincial authorities
Provincial Departments of MCTPC

Projects and Sector of Activities

Title Description Provinces/Districts Sectors/Sub-sectors
Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI)

Start Date: Jan 1st 2009
Within the program "Support to Health Sector" of the Ministry of Health of Lao PDR (funded by AFD), GRET, as a member of the consortium ...
Vientiane Municipality
- Health Care
- Human Resources Development
- Social Development
Improving business performance and access to water supply in Vientiane Capital (Madévie)

Start Date: Sep 1st 2009
MaDéVie project is implemented within the strategic partnership framework established between NPNL (Nam Papa Nakhone Luang – Vientiane ...
Vientiane Municipality
- Community Development
- Data Collection & Analysis
- Health Care
- Human Resources Development
- Income Generation & Economic Development
Small Piped Water Systems (MIREP)

Start Date: Oct 1st 2004
The main objective of MIREP programme Mini Reseaux d'Eau Potable, (Small Piped Water Systems) is to improve in a sustainable way the population's ...
Vientiane Municipality
- Community Development
- Health Care
- Human Resources Development
- Income Generation & Economic Development
Support to eco-tourism development in Khammouane

Start Date: Sep 1st 2010
The project is implemented by Gret in partnership with tetrakys and Energie Sans Frontière, in close cooperation with the Department ...
- Community Development
- Human Resources Development
- Income Generation & Economic Development
- Social Development
Support to the implementation of the Houaphanh Provincial Bamboo Sector Development Strategy (Houaphan Bamboo project)

Start Date: Jan 1st 2011
The Project is implemented by Gret and SNV in 3 districts of Houaphanh Province, in close partnership with provincial and district government ...
- Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
- Community Development
- Human Resources Development
- Income Generation & Economic Development
- Natural Resources & Ecology