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Norwegian Church Aid

Mission Statement


Norwegian Church Aid is an ecumenical, diaconal and humanitarian organization mandated by churches and Christian organizations in Norway to work for a just world, by both empowering the poor (rights-holders) and challenging the wealthy and powerful (duty bearers).


Norwegian church Aid seeks to help people identify and strengthen forces within their own religion and affirm justice and reach out to protect the oppressed and destitute. Our assistance is provided unconditionally, with no intention of influencing people’s religious affiliation.


Together with our constituency and our partners, Norwegian Church Aid commits itself to the vision: Together for a just world.


As a humanitarian organization, Norwegian Church Aid has 3 main goals:

1. To provide emergency aid to people who are suffering and in need of relief assistance, regardless of race, nationality, political, convictions or religious faith.

2. To be involved in long-term efforts to improve people’s livelihood, ensure their basic human rights and contribute to peace and reconciliations.

3. To inform the population in Norway about people’s needs and resources as well as about the root causes of poverty.


Programme Description

1. Project name: Phonexay-Ban Kang Highland Agriculture and Livelihood Development  

Project location: 6 villages mainly Khmu group in Phaoudom District, Bokeo Province  

Project sector: Livelihood/Agriculture and Natural resources

Main activities:

-          Improvement of upland rice and livestock production

-          Management of natural resources

-          Women empowerment

-          Strengthening capacity of district partners and village leaders

2. Project name: Empowerment of School Children Against Human Trafficking and Drug Abuses

Project location: Houyxay, Tounpherng and Phaoudom District in Bokeo Province  

Project sectors: Gender based and Violence

Main activities:

Awareness Raising on Human Trafficking and Drug Abuse to children, youth and women in schools and surrounding villages.

- Building capacity among stakeholders for the prevention of human trafficking and drug abuse

- Provide assistance to victims of human trafficking and drug abuse

through community reintegration 


3. Project name: Scaling up HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment and Strengthening  Management, Increasing Demand and Ensuring Quality of HIV/AIDS/STI Intervention in Lao PDR

Project location: Attapue, Sekong, Bokeo, Laungnamtha and Luangprabang Province

Project sectors: HIV/AIDS

Main activities: 

-           Care support of people living with HIV/AIDS

-           HIV prevention among female sex workers

4. Project name: Empowerment of Aka Ethnic Group for Livelihood and Community Development

Project location: Long Distirct, Luangnamtha Province 

Project sectors: Livelihood/Agriculture, Natural resources, Education, Child protection, Health/Drug demand reduction, Gender based violence

Main activities:

-          Improvement of upland rice and livestock production

-          Management of natural resources

-          Improvement of quality education

-          Improvement of primary healthcare

-          Women empowerment

-          Strengthening capacity of district partners and village leaders





















































The people and communities and peaceful life based on their right to determine their own sustainable development and on the potentials embodied in themselves, regardless of faith, ethnicity, class or culture.

Thematic issues:
2. Gender Based Violence (Human Trafficking)
3. Participation and Accountable Governance
4. Increased Food Security in the Rural Areas
5. Improved Health and Education
6. Drug Demand Reduction

Target groups:People living with HIV/AIDS
People with Risk of becoming infected by HIV/AIDS
People that are being trafficked inside Laos and neighboring countries
People living with gender based violence
People living in the northern rural areas of Laos, especially ethnic groups, drug addicts, women and children.

Partners:Government partners at the district level and mass organizations.

Geographical location:Central Laos: Sekong, Attapeu Provinces
Northwestern Laos: Luangprabang, Luangnamtha, Bokeo

Contact Details

Address: House No. 150, Unit 08 Ban Vatnak, Sisattanak dist Vientiane, Lao PDR P.O Box 4804
Telephone: +856 (021) 354017-19
Fax: N/A
Contact Person: Rolf Strand, Area Representative
Other Contact: Minavanh Pholsena, Country Program Manager

General Information

Number of Local Staff: 1->5
Number of Expatriate Staff: 1->5
Average Annual Budget: 1000000 USD
In Lao PDR Since: 1993
Country of Origin: Norway


Houayxay Bokeo Province

Address: Houayxay Huoixai Bokeo Province
Contact: Mr. Phadsada Chanthavong GBV Program Coordinator

Long District Luang Namtha Province

Address: Long District Long Luang Namtha Province
Contact: Mr.Syha Vongkhamsomphou Project Manager

Phaoudom Bokeo Province

Address: Phaoudom Pha Oudom Bokeo Province
Phone: 030 5714136
Contact: Phouthasack Phommasone Project Manager

Sekong, Attapeu, Luangprabang, Luangnamtha, Bokeo Attapeu Province

Address: Sekong, Attapeu, Luangprabang, Luangnamtha, Bokeo Attapeu Province
Contact: Mr. Phonesavanh Chansy HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator


Action by Churches Together International ACT International (


District Agriculture and Forestry Offices (DAFO)
District Committee for the Control of AIDS (DCCA)
District-level authorities
Lao Commission for Drug Control (LCDC)
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MOAF)
Ministry of Public Health (MOH)
Provincial Agricultural and Forestry Office (PAFO)

Projects and Sector of Activities

Title Description Provinces/Districts Sectors/Sub-sectors
Drug Demand Reduction and Poverty Alleviation for Ethnic Minorities

Start Date: Jan 1st 1993
Improved food security through rural infrastructure, paddy land expansion and irrigation, livestock, NTFP in a sustainable upland agriculture system. ...
Luang Namtha
- Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
- Community Development
- Education
- Emergency and Humanitarian Relief
- Health Care
- Human Resources Development
- Income Generation & Economic Development
- Natural Resources & Ecology
- Social Development
Empowerment of PLWHA for Care and Support

Start Date: Jan 1st 2007
Community based care and support for PLWHA. Assist in cross border access to OI, ARV treatment in Chiangseane Chiang Rai province, Thailand.?Capacity ...
Luang Namtha
- Health Care
- Human Resources Development
- Social Development
Pilot Project on Agricultural and Livelihood Development in Phaoudom District, Bokeo Provine

Start Date: Jul 1st 2007
A one year community preparation and capacity building of district partners?for the implementation of?a new project to improve the livelihood of the ...
- Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
- Community Development
- Human Resources Development
- Social Development
Prevention of HIV/AIDS among the Akha Ethnic Group

Start Date: Mar 1st 2005
Empowerment of the Akha athnic group in Sing and Long districts of Luang Namtha Province to prevent HIV/AIDS by production of relevant IEC materials, ...
Luang Namtha
Prevention of HIV/AIDS amongst service women and Home Based Care and Support for PLWHA

Start Date: Jun 1st 2007
Prevention of HIV/AIDS amongst sex workers through campaings, peer group activities and provision of referral system to STI and ARV services. ...
Luang Namtha
Luang Prabang