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World Renew

Mission Statement

Engage people in developing resources and gifts in collaborative activities of love, mercy, justice and compassion.

Programme Description

World Renew (formerly CRWRC) currently has projects in two locations, Xieng Khouang and Phongsaly provinces.

1. In Xieng Khouang Province. The Community Livelihood Development Project, which is currently in Phase 3, targets 37 villages in Kham, Nonghet and Khoun Districts.  The project is carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.  The majority of the villages are Hmong or Pong ethnic groups.
Goal: To improve the living standard of the target population in the field of income generation and food production, village road access, community health and clean water and basic education.
Activities: Training for target group and provision of means to start up income generating activities with a focus on agriculture (cash crop and animal raising) improvements. Training and support in health and education (both formal and non-formal). Improved access by footpath construction to villages by cash for work. Construction of clean water facilities. Construction of small scale irrigation structures. Construction of village level and cluster level schools with community contribution. Capacity building of a core group involved in development activities.
Beneficiaries: 2003 families, with a population of over 14,500 people, in 37 target villages.

2. In Mai District, Phongsaly Province. World Renew received approval for a 5 year Phase 2 of the integrated development project in Phongsaly from December 2013 to December 2018, in partnership with the Non Formal Education Department within the Ministry of Education and Sport. (Phase 1 started in 2008 until January 2013) This project, which is also an integrated community development project with similar activities as in Xieng Khouang, focuses on 14 remote communities in Mai District.  Within the 14 villages there are 6 different ethnic groups including Akha, Taidam, Laobit, Laosaeng, Hmong and Khmu.  In total there are some 558 families with a population of 3478.

Contact Details

Address: Km 3, Thadeau, Siamphon Road 175/15 Ban Vatnak, Vientiane, Lao PDR P.O Box 4224
Telephone: +856 (021) 313071
Fax: +856 (021) 313945
Contact Person: Mr. Mike Fennema, Country Representative
Other Contact: Mrs. Aloun SOUNDALA, Office Manager

General Information

Number of Local Staff: 31->50
Number of Expatriate Staff: 1->5
Average Annual Budget: 600000 USD
In Lao PDR Since: 2003
Country of Origin:


Ban Phonsaat Tai Xiengkhouang Province

Address: Ban Phonsaat Tai Pek Xiengkhouang Province
Phone: (061)312024
Fax: (061)312024
Contact: Mrs. Niphaphone Sengtong Project Manager

May Phongsaly Province

Address: May May Phongsaly Province
Phone: (020)22564824
Contact: Mr. Phonesavanh Atsaphanthong Project Manager


There are no networks specified


Department of Non-Formal Education, MoE
District Agriculture and Forestry Offices (DAFO)
District Education Offices
District Health Offices
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW)

Projects and Sector of Activities

Title Description Provinces/Districts Sectors/Sub-sectors
Mai District Community Development Project

Start Date: Feb 1st 2008
The project that World Renew (formerly CRWRC) is currently implementing deems to improve the quality of life for the poorest families in 13 of the ...
- Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
- Community Development
- Education
- Health Care
- Natural Resources & Ecology
Xieng Khouang Community Livelihood Development Project

Start Date: Jan 1st 2004
Project goal: - To improve the living conditions and livelihoods of vilagers in 30 of the poorest communities in Khoun, Kham and Nonghet Districts in ...
- Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
- Community Development
- Education
- Emergency and Humanitarian Relief
- Health Care
- Human Resources Development
- Natural Resources & Ecology