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Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the equitable and sustainable access of marginalised people to resources and services that improve their health and inclusion in developing countries in South East Asia.

Programme Description

MCNV Laos has been working in Savannakhet Province, Laos, through the special relationship between the two provinces “Savannakhet and Quang Tri (Vietnam)” on Primary Health Care improvement since 2006. Original projects included capacity building for reproductive health care improvement among ethnic minorities in the remote mountain areas, and stimulating better cross-border collaboration between the health services, especially for malaria control. Subsequent work via a Community-Managed Development Program focused on capacity strengthening for community associations, access to livelihood and microfinance, and access to better health service delivery.

A current project is “Collaboration And Networking To Enhance Education and Nutrition (CANTEEN)”, funded by EU from Jan 2017 to Jun 2021. The objective of CANTEEN is to strengthen the capacity of Lao Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities to work in partnerships to contribute to the achievement of national development goals, with a focus on food security and nutrition. CANTEEN is implemented primarily in Nong District, Savannakhet Province.

Associated with CANTEEN, MCNV Laos is implementing “Scaling-up nutrition-sensitive agricultural (NSA) initiatives in poor mountainous areas in Vietnam and Lao PDR”, funded by WOTRO from Jan 2017 to Dec 2020. Its objectives include identifying effective NSA interventions that improve food security and reduce malnutrition and poverty; constructing a generic framework and guidelines for developing, replicating and scaling-up of effective NSA interventions based on a cross-country, multi-level analysis of the barriers and facilitators in existing cases; and disseminating lessons learned to policy-makers, NGOs, scientific community, local communities and private sector.

Also associated with CANTEEN is “Rural Development and Food Security Project in Lao PDR”, funded by AFAS Foundation. This project seeks to improve capacity and knowledge on rural development for local partners of MCNV in Savannakhet province. It enhances knowledge of agricultural practices and food production, and builds capacity of health workers and the villager residents in health and feeding for children, particularly children under five years old.

Another current project is “Lao Equity through policy Analysis and Research Networks (LEARN)”, funded by EU from May 2015 to April 2020. The objective of LEARN is to contribute to better population health and Universal Health Coverage in Lao PDR through better informed public health policies and their implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Partners include the National Institute of Public Health (Laos), the University of Health Sciences (Laos), the Hanoi University of Public Health (Vietnam), and Vrije University (Netherlands).

Associated with LEARN, MCNV Laos implements a VOICE project: Learning about the use of Innovative Communication Methods (LICM), which asks, “Can ICM contribute to empowering vulnerable youth of Lao PDR and make them successful agents of change in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights?”

Contact Details

Address: Rue Nerhu Phonexay Village, Lao PDR P.O Box N/A
Telephone: +856 021 454793
Fax: N/A
Contact Person: Mrs. Rebecca Derry, Country Director
Other Contact: Mrs. Rebecca Derry, Country Director

General Information

Number of Local Staff: 1->5
Number of Expatriate Staff: 1->5
Average Annual Budget: 0 USD
In Lao PDR Since: 2008
Country of Origin: Netherlands

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Nong Savannakhet Province

Address: Nong Nong Savannakhet Province
Phone: 030 570 9465
Fax: N/A
Contact: Phouladsada Phetsavanh Finance and Admin Officer


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Projects and Sector of Activities

Title Description Provinces/Districts Sectors/Sub-sectors

Start Date: Jan 1st 2017
CANTEEN, “Collaboration And Networking To Enhance Education and Nutrition”, is funded by EU from Jan 2017 to Jun 2021. The objective of CANTEEN ...
- Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
- Community Development
- Health Care
- Social Development

Start Date: May 1st 2015
The “Lao Equity through policy Analysis and Research Networks (LEARN)” is funded by EU from May 2015 to April 2020. The objective of LEARN is ...
National Level
- Data Collection & Analysis
- Education
- Health Care
- Human Resources Development
- Social Development