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Village Forest Working Group workshop

1.      Background


Village forestry (VF) is one of the important work of which the government has considered as a key element that can contribute to the management, conservation and use of forest and natural resources leading to sustainability. Furthermore, it can help strengthen the local capacity and rights to participate in sustainable forest and forest resource management. These are under the management of the village and Local communities are those living near and own the forest.


The Village Forestry Working Group (VFWG) has been initiated by the Government of Lao PDR namely Department of Forest Resource Management (DFRM) and Department of Forestry (DoF) since late 2014 with its role as a coordination point among ministries and departments, at central and local  levels and with other relevant stakeholders, such as donors, development agencies and civil society organizations in both public and private sectors to support increasing capacities of government agencies and other relevant organizations working on village forestry in the country.


Since late 2014, VFWG workshops had been organized few times by DFRM and DoF. In these workshops, it has been agreed preliminarily on the VFWG roles including the support and development of VF in Lao PDR, be a central point for coordination among relevant ministries, departments, provinces, districts and other international organizations.


The last VFWG workshop was conducted in November 2015. The discussion was on TOR of the VFWG, updates on the VF programmes, identifying relevant stakeholders and their roles in VF development in Lao PDR. The draft VFWG TOR was presented in the FSSWG meeting in September, 2015.


To be able to develop a thorough and strong VF program, there is a need to have a coherent information management and a clear database management system that helps indicate current status of VF as a benchmark and to set the target to improve it.


2.      Objective

§  Discuss on the concept and update the progress of VF in Lao PDR including key concerns to move forward

§  Present and discuss on the new Village-Based Forest Rehabilitation Project in Lao PDR under VF division, funded by the Korean and its coordination mechanism

§  Identify essential sets and how VF information and sources of information for database management system development be developed


3.      Date and venue

23 Sept 2016, at Department of Forestry meeting room, Thadam road, Vientiane, Lao PDR.


4.      Expected outcomes


§  Concept of the VF in Lao PDR and its progress, and key concerns is discussed and updated and the way forward

§  Village-Based Forest Rehabilitation Project in Lao PDR is discussed and coordination mechanism is developed

§  Set of information needed for VF database management system is discussed and strategized


5.      Agenda




By whom





Introduction of the program



Opening remark



Update on the VF in Lao PDR and its progress, and key concerns and the way forward



Coffee break

All participants


Presentation on the Village-Based Forest Rehabilitation Project in Lao PDR



Discussion on the various support to VF by different development partner; and how we can go forward with VF database



Plan for the next event/programme in 2016

All participants


Conclusion and closing

DG of DoF



All participants














Informal technical group work on:


Database management on village forestry and NTFPs: Is set of VF data available as a start? What is the current status? What has been available and what is still missing in VF important data? How to collect and who should do it?


Coffee break



Presentation on group work and conclusion


Relevant participants











6.      List of participants:

The identified participants to be invited to attend this meeting are from both government officials at regional and national level as well as from non government such as civil society organizations and international partners-see detail below

Department of Forest Resource Management (DFRM) and Department of Forestry (DoF)
Sep 23rd 2016
8.00 - 16.00
Vientiane Municipality
Department of Forestry meeting room, Thadam road, Vientiane,
Agriculture, Forestry & Livestock

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