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Invitation to Quote for the delivery of Consultancy for Video Documentary Using Most Significant Change (VDMSC) Methodology

1.1.        Background

Oxfam is an international confederation of more than 20 organizations working together with partners and local communities in more than 90 countries. Oxfam has a long and rich presence in Lao PDR, working on numerous initiatives covering a large number of themes and areas. These have included among others: support to CSO capacity building, community development, social protection, gender justice, support to small farmers and organic agriculture, private sector engagement, disaster risk management, and natural resource management. This has entailed working at different levels, from the community to the national level. Currently, Oxfam in Laos has approximately 30 partners including Ministries, the National Assembly, Mass organizations, INGOs, NPA/CSOs, Universities/Research Institutes, UN agencies, and the private sector. Visit  for more information.


With support from the EU, OXFAM is implementing the Partnership for Citizen Engagement (PACE) project. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to good governance and the rule of law as a basis for equitable and inclusive growth and development in Lao PDR. The specific objectives of the project are: (1) The role and capacity of Lao Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has been strengthened to promote and protect the rights of Lao citizens through policy dialogue and accountability processes at local and national level, and (2): The capacity of the People's Provincial Assemblies (PPAs) has been enhanced to perform oversight of government agencies, programs, activities, policies, and laws implemented at constituency level. The project has four results: (1) CSOs have improved capacity to empower Lao citizens (constituents) and to facilitate dialogue with PPA Members (representatives); (2) PPA Members have the capacity to engage and represent Lao citizens and respond to their concerns; (3) PPA Members have technical capacity to inform government policy and practice; and (4) PPA Members have improved interaction with constituents through grassroots initiatives and volunteering.


Oxfam is seeking a consultant to train provincial youth volunteers and CSOs on developing video documentaries using the Most Significant Change (MSC) methodology and video monitoring. The MSC approach is typically used for monitoring and evaluation. It is an iterative process, whereby communities use video to document innovations and ideas or focus on issues affecting their environment and community. The methodology will be used to prepare case studies and best practice examples to present to PPA Members during policy dialogue and outreach mission. The activity will include a practical workshop at the national level to learn the technique, followed by implementation at the community level in target provinces. Coaching will be provided remotely to support implementation. The video will be shared with the wider community and then with PPA Members during outreach missions. 


1.2.  Objectives of the assignment


1.3.  Key contents

The consultant will lead on the following key elements of the assignment:

  • An inception workshop (3days) to introduce the participatory video making, monitoring & evaluation, the Most Significant Change concept and approaches; and planning for next steps for field work

  • Coaching to youth and CSOs for their MSC video documentation  

  • Produce four MSC videos related to the youth volunteers and CSO’s initiatives  

  • Screenings or video reporting


1.4.  Methods and approach

The consultant will facilitate a first inception workshop in Vientiane Capital for youth volunteers and CSOs then provide distance and face to face coaching to youth volunteers and CSOs to practice their MSC video documentation.


The consultant will travel to provinces and engage with the project’s partners and stakeholders to collect the four MSC videos.


1.5.  Expected results

  1. Youths and CSOs have increased understanding of the MSC concept, participatory video approach.

  2. Youths and CSOs become more skillful on Participatory Video process and techniques including video shooting, editing, setting up questions, writing storylines, questioning, and interviewing.

  3. A guideline on PVMSC processes is produced for trainees; and

  4. four MSC videos on the youth volunteers and CSO initiatives are produced


1.6.  Timeline, Key Activities, and Deliverables

It is anticipated that this initiative will take approximately 45 working days starting from July 2020 to May 2021 on an intermittent basis. A tentative plan of action is as follows:



Key Activities


Contract and Inception phase

Jul 2020

ü Contract preparation

ü Consultation with the project team

ü Prepare a detailed workplan and design the methodology for the Inception workshop

ü A draft agenda on inception workshop, and

ü other support materials and methodology


Design and develop the workshop and PVMSC guidelines

Mid July 2020

ü Design of the workshop program

ü Present the inception workshop content, flow and methodology to relevant OXFAM staff and key stakeholders to ensure a successful outcome.

ü Develop a guideline on PVMSC process





ü  Finalize workshop agenda at least 1 week before the conduct of the inception workshop.

ü  Prepare PowerPoint presentation on the PVMSC process in at least 1 week before the conduct of the workshop. And

ü  Workshops hand out

ü  A guideline on PVMSC for publication if available

Facilitate the workshop

End July 2020

ü facilitate a inception workshop.

ü Lead a debrief session at the end of every day with OXFAM staff.

ü Present summaries, highlighting conclusions and recommendations at the end of every presentation.

ü Provide the workshop synthesis at the end of every day.

ü Facilitate PVMSC inception workshop

ü Workshop minutes

Coaching and following up on the PVMSC practices in four provinces (Bokeo, Vientiane province, Savanakhet, and Saravan province )

August -September 2020

ü Assist and support the youth volunteers and CSO team to design their story board and workplan for story gathering 

ü Facilitate and coach the CSOs and youth volunteers to conduct story gathering

ü Prepare for the field data collection


ü  Field story boar and field workplan in each province

ü  A field story collection plan developed

October – December 2020

ü Conduct data in the field

ü Produce the two videos on related community issues, and the most significant changes of the youth volunteers and CSO initiatives in target provinces


ü  Data collection transcript produced

ü  Two videos of the most significant changes with English subtitle are finalized


January - May 2021

ü Conduct data in the field

ü Produce the two videos on related community issues and the most significant changes of youth volunteer and CSOs initiatives in target provinces

ü Write the final report

ü  Data collection transcript produced

ü  Two videos of the most significant changes and English subtitle

ü  Final report summited to OXFAM


1.7.  Qualifications

The consultant can be individual or team from Lao civil society organizations. The private company, INGO, and individual consultants are not eligible to apply. The desired specification and qualities of the CSO are the following:

  • Legal registration in Lao PDR.

  • At least 3 years of experience in conducting the PVMSC.  

  • Advanced experience in gender, ethnicity, disability, and good governance

  • Experience of using participatory methods for data collection and analysis in program/project evaluation.

  • Strong interpersonal and analytical skills.

  • Experience of effective interaction with local and national government institutions and marginalized communities.

  • Good spoken and written communication skills in English and Lao. Knowledge of the ethnic language of the local communities is an asset.

  • Familiarity with the Lao system and context.


IQ_PACE MSC Consultancy_Final- Extension.pdf
IQ_PACE MSC Consultancy_Final- Extension.pdf (138.24 KB)
Jul 8th 2020

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