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Final Evaluation of the Project "Address and Respond to Gender-based Violence in Laos and Nepal"

Scope of Work:

Final Evaluation of the Project “Address and Respond to Gender-based Violence in Laos and Nepal”


1.   Introduction and background of the project


Save the Children International in Lao PDR (SCIL) and other development partners in Lao PDR have realized that the state child protection system is still very weak: public financing of child protection relies mainly on foreign aid, and human resources are too scarce to provide effective and child-friendly services to remote or underserved communities. The child protection law is difficult to implement and there is a disconnect between the law and community approaches in dealing with child protection. Information and evidence on child protection and effective interventions are extremely limited. Limited multi sectoral collaboration together with unsupportive reporting environment, non-existing skilled Child Protection (CP) workforce and social welfare, unreliable data and lack of a national data collection system often leads to communities under reporting child protection issues and providing limited and non-appropriate response. 

Because of the above-mentioned situation, SCI in Laos PDR has shifted to a multisectoral portfolio called “The Adolescent Initiative”, a multi donor (HK, DoS, ANCP) portfolio, focusing on CP and Gender, to improve adolescent resilience, education and health and disrupt the inter-generational transmission of poverty. 


In the framework of the “Adolescent Initiative” program, SCI has been implementing “Address and Respond to Gender-based Violence in Laos and Nepal” funded by the Department of State and Save US (October 2017- May 2020).   


The DoS funded represents a pilot intervention which provided highly meaningful opportunities for SCIL to:

-       Invest in knowledge by collecting qualitative information about gender and gender-based violence related knowledge, attitudes and practices in the target communities. 

-       Build a new partnership with the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) of the National University of Laos (NUOL).

-       increase the capacities of governmental and no governmental service providers to provide better prevention and response services to Gender Based Violence (GBV) for ethnic, vulnerable youth.

-       Mobilize communities to change harmful customary laws



2.   Scope of the evaluation

Please refer to file attached for more info.



3.   Project timeline


Please also refer to file attached for more info.


Selection Criteria: 

a)       Advanced degree in Social Sciences, Gender, Development or another relevant field

b)       Extensive experience in conducting evaluations with a focus on gender and/or GBV. Previous work experience with ethnic groups in Lao PDR considered a strong asset.

c)       Demonstrated knowledge of adolescent programming in Lao PDR, gender and Child Rights

d)       Strong analytical and writing skills (in English)

e)       Competitiveness of financial proposal

Interested candidate(s) should submit Cover letter explaining why they are fit to this assignment

-       CV one or two prior evaluation work, possibly regarding Child Protection/gender/ GBV Financial proposal, Technical proposal to:


Save The Children International in Laos

Vientiane Office (Head Office)

Rue Nerhu, Unit 25, Ban Phonexay, Xaysetha District

Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

Tel: 021 454201-30


or send email (this email for committees 

only and cannot be replied), deadline of submit proposal should no later than 23rd June 2020


if any question about project, please send email to:

Save the Children International (SCI)
DoS Scope of Work 16 Mar20-Revised_11May20 +SP-Comment from Shana on 9th Jun2020-Revised version (003).pdf
DoS Scope of Work 16 Mar20-Revised_11May20 +SP-Comment from Shana on 9th Jun2020-Revised version (003).pdf (1.31 MB)
Jun 17th 2020

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