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Réf: FRC/EFR2A3-2017

The French Red Cross (FRC) is looking for a consultant to conduct a short-term consultancy work package in the framework of the project “Strengthening the role and the capacity of Lao civil society organizations in promoting access to essential health care services for key populations and people living with HIV”, in partnership with the Lao Red Cross, APL+ and LaoPHA and funded by European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

Objective of the consultancy: Conduct a research on the implementation steps of a SMS service / system approach and its relevance vs. other reminder options to increase treatment adherence for PLHIV

Time dedicated to the mission: Between mid-March 2017 and mid-June 2017 (part-time).

Consultant will be responsible for:

·         Strengthen the research competencies of APL+ (and LaoPHA) in terms of design, implementation, management, analyse, and report writing;

·         Bring concrete evidence-based information on what to be proposed in Lao PDR as service / system to increase HIV-infected people adherence to their treatment;

·         Assessing the pertinence and relevance / efficiency of various reminder systems with the classic “pill box” system. It includes clear comparisons between the following (not exhaustive list):

A.    SMS service / system;

B.    mobile phone alarm system;

C.    Smartphone apps – with additional possibilities to link people together (encouragements, information sharing, etc.);

D.    pill box;

·         Details on the implementation steps to be performed in Lao PDR (including the detailed information of stakeholders to be involved from the Government and private companies) for setting up the options A), B) and C) should be developed.

·          Collect, gather, and analyse the data collected;

·          analysing reminder service / system guidelines mostly used worldwide (advantages / drawbacks), propositions from PLHIV and the consultation workshops, implementation steps work-plan in Lao PDR (who to contact, validation process from government, etc.), and clear recommendations and conclusions

We invite the individuals who wish to tender to the work package to ask for full terms of references by email to: and Cc:;



Interested consultant will be invited to submit competitive tenders before Sunday 12th March 2017 midnight (Lao time). 



French Red Cross (FRC)
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Mar 1st 2017

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