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Project Manager, Xieng Khouang

Main Responsibilities:

·      Overall management of the project, ensuring goals are achieved within project budget

·      Facilitate planning, monitoring and evaluation processes

·      Consolidate sector reports to fit reporting requirements

·      Prepare six monthly and yearly reports for Govt. and donors on time 

·      Identify and ensure appropriate sustainable interventions are undertaken.

·      Provide guidance and support to the project and government counterpart staff in implementing their daily, monthly, and yearly plan in alignment with the Project Goals.

·      Cooperate and coordinate closely with the Project Advisor to ensure project quality

·      Network and liaise with agencies and persons related to the project implementation.

·      Assess and survey needs for future expansion of the project


Qualifications and experience:

·      Master or Bachelor degree in a Project Development or Management related field.

·      At least 5 years experience in project management with an INGO or development organization.

·      Good leadership and management skills, strong planning and reporting skills.

·      Fluency in English language  

World Renew Laos
Jun 1st 2017
Xiengkhouang Province
2017-05-05 09:42:57

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